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Create A Hotel Inspired Guest Room

INF4152Hotel rooms have a way of making a guest feel welcome and comfortable, primarily because of their overall simplicity and attention to detail. If you think back to your last hotel stay, you can probably remember having everything you needed, and yet the room seemed spacious, well organized and uncluttered. You can use the same decorating principles that hotels use when creating a guest room in your own home.

Keep the Room Uncluttered
By keeping the room uncluttered, you will allow your guests to use the space for their own belongings and uses. A few well placed pieces of wall art such as a framed art print can definitely add to the charm of a guest room, but try to avoid too many knick knacks. A simplistic look will also give the room a relaxing and serene look.

Stick with Neutral or Light Shades
Selecting light or neutral shades for the room"s overall color palette will create the best overall look. Light colors will make a room look larger, which is a good effect for a guest room. Add overall interest to the room by wallpapering one wall with a textured paper, or use a wallpaper border around the top edge of the room. This will allow you to add a bit of design to the room without adding too much visual clutter.

Good Furniture Choices for Guest Rooms
In addition to the bed and nightstand, add a few useful pieces of furniture that will make your guest"s stay more enjoyable. A small table or desk will give your guest a place to write or work, and a loveseat or chair will give them a place to relax. A small entertainment center or stand with a television will also be appreciated by your guest, and always include a chest of drawers and a low table so that they have a place to store their luggage, clothing and other items. If the guest room has a closet, make sure that it is empty and provides ample space and spare hangers to hang clothing.

Useful Accessories for Your Guest Room
When adding accessories to a guest room, try to think what items you have used most when staying in a hotel. Place an ironing board and iron in the closet in case your guest needs a quick wardrobe touch up, and include a few large plastic bags for your guest"s dirty clothing. A small coffee pot and microwave oven are also nice to add to a guest room, as is a small cube sized refrigerator. Be sure to stock the refrigerator with an assortment of bottled or canned beverages, such as bottled water, soda and juice.

Sit a basket of coffee, tea bags and other supplies close to the coffee maker, and be sure to provide coffee mugs and glasses. Add a few snacks such as individually wrapped crackers, microwavable popcorn, or breakfast bars to the basket for a nice welcoming touch. Create a list of area features that your guest might need, such as a dry cleaner or area parks and walking trails, and keep a local phone book in the room for easy reference. Your guest will feel as though you"ve thought of their every need.

Contributing editor for, Angela Glancy designer in her own right offers tips on displaying wall art metal and copper metal wall art.

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A Stack of classics
The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler
OTher Voices, Other Rooms by Truman Capote
To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper ee

Scented Candle and matches for the bathroom
Fluffy pillows
Fresh Flowers
Pretty soaps
Portable cd player and cd"s
Screened windows that open and close easily
Bedside water glass and pitcher
Emergency toothbrush and toothpaste
Bedside clock
good reading light
Magazines and books
Robe and slippers
boxes of candy
baskets of fruit
the latest books
lovely sheets
ring for breakfast

It"s a good idea to sleep in your guest room once every few mohts. Then you"ll know firsthand what works, what"s missing, whether the pillows are perfect or the mattress too soft.

Photo courtesy of The Peninsula Hotel.


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