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INF4156Like a piece of artwork, the bedding in a bedroom can make or break the style of the room. With today"s wide variety shoppers are bound to find the perfect bedding to fit their personality, however it may be difficult to navigate the through the thick forest of terms referring to different bedding pieces. This is a guide to help you understand the different pieces of bedding sets, how they are used and if they are critical to achieve the look you are aiming for.

Blanket: Blankets typically don"t come as a part of a bed in a bag but are important for anyone who lives in a climate outside of the tropics. Blankets are typically used under the top cover (quilt, comforter, duvet etc.) as extra warmth on cold nights. Blankets are normally made from cotton, fleece and polyester blends. Blankets are a great purchase to make but rarely seen, so it isn"t necessary to spend more than necessary and look for a good, warm blanket that will fulfill your needs.

Quilt: Quilts are great as a top cover on your bed. They are typically quite classy in style and range from contemporary to vintage. Quilts will keep you warm without the bulk of a comforter or duvet. Most people prefer to sleep under the same top cover they did as a child, so consider what you grew up with on your bed to steer you in the right direction. Quilts have an added aesthetic quality of hand stitched details, which fits in beautifully with country home and clean simple bedroom decor schemes and because of their multiple layers including an interior filling they are often just was warm as thicker comforters.

Comforter: Comforters are the classic top blanket. Just like the name implies, they are warm, soft and comfy. In fact, they are so comfortable they can also double as a mattress pad on particularly firm beds. Comforters are filled with a variety of things including polyester batting, down feathers, wool or silk. Down feathers give comforters the feel of weightlessness, silk is the epitome of luxury, polyester is warm and affordable and wool is the best bet for total warmth.

Duvet: Duvets and comforters are fairly similar. In structure they are both blankets that are essential stuffed to give them body and provide warmth. However, traditionally duvets have been used in Northern Europe and therefore are generally warmer than comforters because of the extreme cold in the region. Unlike a comforter which is typically used with a sheet and blankets, duvets are used by themselves. To put it simply, duvets are large, warm, down blankets. In America, duvets are often covered with a separately sold duvet cover to give the blanket a nicer look and style. American also typically still use sheets and blankets with their duvet.

Pillow: Pillows come as both decorative and practical, although are often interchangeable. Pillows are a matter of preference and shoppers should simply test out pillows in the store until they find one with their preferred feel and structure. Pillows are usually covered with a pillow case or sham.

Sham: Shams are a decorative pillow covering that usually stays on a pillow with a zipper or by slipping the pillow inside an opening. Shams can come a s part of a comforter set or as its own individual style.

Bed Skirt: Bed skirts are used to cover the box spring mattress. Much like shams, bed skirts are typically available to match the comforter or quilt you choose but are also available in generic styles and colors meant to match handmade quilts and blankets.

Throw: Throws are smaller blankets that are used to drape over the foot of the bed. Most people consider them a decorative piece that can double as a lap blanket but those with cold feet love throw blankets for their extra warmth. Throws can be purchased but can also be handmade knitted, crocheted or quilted blankets that are given as gifts.

Sheet: Sheets are thin, light pieces of material that are used to cover the mattress, as a first layer and to cover pillows that are slept on. Fitted sheets include elastic to hold them in place on a mattress while flat sheets are used as the first layer of blankets. Flat and fitted sheets are generally made of hardy material meant to be washed regularly sparing blankets, comforters and quilts of the harsh wash cycle except on occasions. Bed sheets vary greatly in quality and cost. Higher thread counts are typically more expensive and the softer the sheet. Sheets with a low thread count often feel scratchy while higher thread counts are soft and supple. Different weaves and materials also play a part in the feel of sheets and therefore it is best to feel the small samples of sheets in store to find your favorite thread count and material and use this information if you choose to purchase online.

Bedding can be found sold as a set or individual pieces. It can be helpful to understand all the pieces that are available to shoppers so that they will make informed decisions and be happy with their bedding set.

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